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Lincoln Financial is the absolute worst!I've been off work for 2 months, but i have only received 2 checks from Lincoln. And when you call, they NEVER answer. They do not return calls. They do not reply to emails. They told me to submit medical documentation detailing the extent of my surgery and recovery, but once i submitted it, they LIED and said they didn't receive the information. I sent it via fax and email.I'll never deal with them again...
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I'm currently in the middle of my 2nd claim with Lincoln Financial Group in regards to maternity leave. Last year, despite my OB not releasing me to go back to work until 8 weeks post partum due to potential for pre-eclamptic event, they only paid out 6 weeks (4 after the 2 week elimination period) & stated they don't even contact doctors for vaginal deliveries. This year, despite the fact that I was induced early due to cardiac concerns & my...
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I paid insurance premiums for over 18 years to Lincoln Financial Group. Now I have a permanent, chronic medical condition. They paid STD for 9 months, then all of a sudden stopped. I've filed two appeals and they have done "medical reviews" and everything else to stall or deny benefits. The doctor that did the medical review was so rude to one of my physicians, she won't see me for my condition anymore! I've had two physicians who have...
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Anonymous I'm in the middle of the same thing. I think we should all get a lawyer and file a class action law suit against them!